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Principal's Message

Downtown Value School’s mission is to facilitate the learning of elementary and middle school students who come from underserved populations by providing a highly focused academic program in a community that fosters character development with a core set of values. Downtown Value School is committed to helping students grow into persons who make a positive difference for their community and their world throughout their lives.

Downtown Value School has been building a special community of dedicated parents, students and staff. By encouraging students, parents, and staff to work together to deliver and experience the best academic and interpersonal environment possible, and by rigorously adhering to research-based pedagogy, Downtown Value School has become an essential part of the Pico-Union community.

The academic performance of Downtown Value School compares favorably to the performance levels in the neighborhood schools its students would otherwise attend and to those in similar schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

In English Language Arts, Downtown Value School’s performance equaled or exceeded the academic performance of the public schools that the Charter School pupils would otherwise have been required to attend, outranking 19 out of 20 comparison schools in a measure of the percentage of students that met or exceeded grade level standards on the Smarter Balanced Exam.

Compared to LAUSD similar schools and resident schools identified by the CDE, Downtown Value School is also performing well in Mathematics. Downtown Value School outranked 17 out of 20 comparison schools in a measure of the percentage of students that met or exceeded grade level standards on the Smarter Balanced Exam.

In order to form a strong community, there are high expectations at Downtown Value School for student behavior, parent behavior, and staff behavior. By each of us striving to do our best to help our children succeed, together we can be the "village" it takes to raise and educate the next generation.

Here at DVS, we are committed to five core values:

  • Academic excellence is the means to a full life
  • Each person can develop to his or her fullest potential
  • Each individual is unique and deserves respect
  • A safe, nurturing community is essential to academic excellence
  • Service to others and the community is a responsibility of an educated person
We strive to make these values real to our whole community, and to continually find better ways to help them take root in your children. These are values that can guide them and support them, not just for the time they are with us, but throughout their adult lives as well.
We are looking forward to getting to know you. We hope that you will find DVS a place to call home.
Ms. Claudia Godlewski
Principal, DVS
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